Welcome to the web site of the University of Central Florida Annual Local Programming Contest! The event is organized by the UCF Programming Team, a student organization within UCF's College of Engineering and Computer Science that is supported primarily by the Department of Computer Science.

This web site includes information about the competition including the contest itself, how you can participate, and past competitions (including problem sets and judge data!). We also include information on how individuals and companies can make donations to the team itself. Please browse through the menus above, or the links below.

This contest was first held in 1982 and has been held annually since then at the UCF main campus in Orlando. Modeled after the International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC), we give approximately ten problems of varying difficulty to be solved in five hours.

Please watch this site for more information! You can also get updates on the UCF Programming Team Facebook page, or follow us on Twitter (@ucfprogteam).