2019 UCF Local Programming Contest

This year's contest will be held on September 714, 2019.

One week prior to the contest, on August 31, 2019September 7, 2019, there will be "practice" event intended to provide newcomers with an abbreviated contest experience, so that they can have a complete understanding of the contest rules and contest systems before the actual event. Newcomers are highly encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity!

Students, if you are interested in competing, please watch this space for additional information. You can also join our Facebook event to get updates. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Dr. Orooji at (407) 823-5660 or by using our contact form.


This contest is open to all UCF students.


Contestants are given approximately ten programming problems to solve within five hours. The person solving the most problems wins. Ties are broken based on the amount of time taken to solve the problems. Contestants have the option of using C/C++, Java, an/or Python on PC’s. Although it is necessary that each student be familiar with either C, C++, Java, or Python the emphasis of the contest is on problem solving rather than on the specific details of the language. An orientation session on the day of the contest will allow contestants to get last-minute instructions, and there will also be a brief system test where each student can learn how to use the contest system and submit their code.

Contest Programming Environments

The competition this year will provide programming environments similar to the following. NOTE: The competition may use multiple labs with each lab containing installs of all the environments although with minor version differences.

NOTE: These environments may have minor version updates on the actual contest date. On the "practice" day a week prior to the actual contest, you will be able to see the exact versions of programming environments that are installed.


  • Code::Blocks 17.12


  • Jgrasp 2.0.5_04
  • Apache NetBeans 10.0
  • Eclipse 2018-12 (4.10.0)


  • IDLE (comes with Python)
  • PyCharm 2018.3.4

Note: Code::Blocks will use GCC 5.1.0 (based upon Code::Blocks version), and all Java IDEs will use OpenJDK 11.0.2. Python will use Python 3.7.2 only.




There are no official prizes, just bragging rights! However, the results will be used to help form the UCF Programming Team for the academic year, and potentially to help identify candidates for the UCF Developmental Programming Team.  UCF teams will then train to compete in the International Collegiate Programming Contest and attend regional competition.

Registration Fee

There is no fee for participating!


This year the contest and the practice contest the week before have different schedules, so please be careful!

Practice Schedule on August 31stSeptember 7th
1:30pm Registration HEC Atrium
2:00pm Orientation HEC-125
2:45pm Break Engineering 2 Atrium
3:15pm-5:45pm    Competition    Engineering Labs

Contest Schedule on September 7thSeptember 14th
10:00am Registration HEC Atrium
10:30am Orientation HEC-125
11:15am Lunch break Engineering 2 Atrium
12:30pm Competition Engineering Labs
5:45pm    Recognition/Awards    TBA